Frequently Asked Questions


We can tailor our designs based on the workshop space of the buyer, but approximately 600 square meters of space is required.

After confirming the location of the device by customer, all the foundation plans along with rebar cutting appendices and total volume will be submitted to the customer. In addition, you can benefit from the advice of our expert civil engineers who have experience in the implementation of the foundation at every stage of the foundation implementation.

Currently, we are cooperating with the best silo-making groups in Iran and we can purchase directly from the manufacturer or offer our expertise to the customer to ensure a better purchase with the required technical specifications.

The device will be sent in three parts, and the selection of the carrier for shipping is the responsibility of the respected buyer, but in case of your request, we can choose a reliable carrier on your behalf.

The introduction of the operator is not within the scope of our responsibilities, but if we know an operator or someone has declared their availability, they will be introduced to the buyer so that they can decide on cooperation with that person according to their own discretion.

After the declaration of the readiness of the installation prerequisites by the buyer, our installation team will be sent free of charge.

After installation, our team gives the necessary training to the operator, which usually takes two days, and after that, they will assess and confirm the operator’s competence to operate on the device.

After-Sales Service

Yes, our products have a 12-month warranty and 10-year after-sales service.

In order to monitor and ensure the quality of the raw material and the manufacturing processes, the entire manufacturing process is done in-house by Standard Machine.

You can register your orders through the link below and the contact number +989120611487.